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Splonki V1.0
Slice and Reorder
License: Donationware
Splonki is a Hostsynced Slice and Reorder FX/Instrument.

It records up to 32 steps (variable size) of incoming audio, and lets you rearrange these slices on the fly.
Every slice has its own attack, length, filtercutoff, pitch, reverse and bufferPosition settings.

Attack: amp-envelope attack
Length: amp-env. length
Cutoff: main filterCutoff
Reso: filterResonance
Shape: saturation shaper
Dry/Wet: mix dry vs. splonked' signal
B-Pitch: main pitch
Keep-Buffer: overdub when recording

Flush Buffer: delete whole buffer
Freeze Buffer: stop input recording, freeze current buffer.
Attention: When 'Freeze Buffer' is activated, splonki stores the content of its audiobuffer into the Host-songproject when saving. This leads to much bigger song-files, and may cause problems with certain hosts. Be carefull!
MidiLearn: assign midi-ctrl. to parameters
Trigger Slices via Midi: this lets you trigger all individual slices via midiNotes.
Midi-Learn Note->Slice: assign midiNotes to the different slices via midiLearn

Use the buttons on the bottom to switch editmodus (Trigger, Attack, Length...).
The ReadPos sequence determines which slice to play for each step!
Length: set sequence-Length (1-32 steps)
Shuffle: delay even steps
1/16..: set stepsize! Use left+rightclick to increment/decrement!

Buttons 1-8 and A-D switch between different patterns.
MidiLearn: patterns can be switched via midiNote. Assign Notes to the different patterns via midilearn!

Splonki is donationware! If you use and like it , please make a donation.

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