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Resolator V1.03
Multi-Delay Resonator
License: Donationware
What is this about?
Resolator is a multi-bandpass-delay resonator.
Input Signal goes thru multiple bandpassfilters, paralel. Use the 'Fltr' parameter to set the number of Filters (4-20, be careful on slow machines...).
'Atk' = envelope-follower attack
'Rel' envelope-follower release
'Mod' = envelope-follower -> frequency-spacing modulation
'Spce' = frequency-spacing between filters
'Base' = base-frequency
'Res!' = resonate!
'Cut' = post-resonator lowpass cutoff
'Q' = post-resonator lowpass resonance
'Wet' = dry/wet mix.

Be careful: this plugin may produce LOUD noise!

Every filter goes thru its own delay. Using the grid, you can set different delaytimes for each delay, and different feedback and saturation values (use the 'Delay Times', 'Feedback', 'Saturate' buttons to switch grid-edit-modus). Delay times can be quantized to tempo with selectable grid-size.

Modulates filter-base-frequency and/or filter-frequency-spacing. Activate the 'sync' button to sync to hosttempo.

Midi Control
All parameters (except the grid thingie) can be controled via midi-controllers. Assign controllers via midi-learn: Activate learn, click on the slider, and move controller.

Resolator is donationware. You can download a fully functional demo version that is not time limited or anything. But, theres a screen that will remind you that , if you use and like this plugin, you are kindly asked to donate! By doing so you can get the real resolator without nag screen and you support future ioplong projects!
You are free to decide how much it is worth. Even small donations are appreciated alot!

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