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flitchSplifter V1.0
Dynamic buffer freezer
License: Donationware
What is this about?
FlitchSplifter freezes sound dynamically or midi controlled.
Input Signal goes thru an envelope detector. Adjust the env-detector speed (attack + release) with the first 2 parameters. Use the slider on the right to set the threshold level. When the env.detector level exceeds threshold, the input signal gets recorded. Use the size (3rd) parameter to control the buffer size. The Rep (repeat) parameter controls how many times the buffer gets playd back after recording. The 'Smth' parameter 'smooths' the buffer loop. Wet = Dry/Wet mix, Bits = Bit reduction.
The step sequencer can be used to offset the size parameter sequentially.
Note: the sequencer is not synced to host, it is trigered/stepd truh by audio-input (env.detector / threshold).
Filters: Theres multimode filters (lp,bp,hp) to filter the signal before the env. detector (pre) and after it (post).

Midi Control
FlitchSplifter can be played via midi notes. To do so, activate the button on the bottom ('Midi-Note-Control..'). Now use your keyboard to play the buffersize:-).
'Note->RecordStart..' button: Activate to start recording into buffer when midi note arrives.
'Repeat till NoteOff' button: Activate for endless buffer play till note off.

FlitchSplifter is donationware. You can download a fully functional demo version that is not time limited or anything. but, theres a screen that will remind you that , if you use and like this plugin, you are kindly asked to donate! By doing so you can get the real FlitchSplifter without nag screen and you support future ioplong projects!
You are free to decide how much it is worth. Even small donations are appreciated alot!

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