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relofter V0.2beta
Loop Player/Recorder
License: Free
Relofter is a Wave Looper/Mangler.
It can Record from Audio Input (when Record Button is on) or Load Audio Files from Disk via Drag and Drop.
To Load a File just drop it somewhere on the plugin. Use the Grainmove Slider to Activate the 'Stretch_Grainy_Innerloop' Play Modus. Ctrl+Click on the Grainmove Slider sets it back to normal Play Modus. U can set the Playdirection of the Grainy_Innerloop Indepent from Main Direction with the Graindirection Button. When Restart is Switched on, the Loop is Restarted every x't Bar (->textfield), Synced to Host-Songposition.
Envelopes: A = Attack, R = Release, L = Length scaled to current Loop-Length.
On all Parameters, you can use Shift+Click for Fine Adjustments!

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