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envolizer XT8 V0.9
Multichannel-Router. Audiomulch Only!
License: Free
1 Input and 8 Output Channels. The input Signal is routed sequentially to different outputs according to the following Parameters:

attack = attack time of gain envelope
decay = decay time of gain envelope
range = envelope time range
floor = level of the signal bypassing the gain env.
gain = master gain
first out = first output in sequence (1-8)
last out = last output in sequence (1-8)
clock div = clock divider for envelope trigger / output switcher

example: with clock divider = 1, the input signal is switching from (first out) to (last out) after passing a newly trigered gain envelope every 1/16 note (synced to host tempo).
hmm...this is probably more confusing than just trying it out...

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