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The 'more recent' ioplong plugins:

  Slifty V1.0
  StepSequenced VstSampler
  Splonki V1.0
  Slice and Reorder
  Resolator V1.03
  Multi-Delay Resonator
  flitchSplifter V1.0
  Dynamic buffer freezer

Here are some older ioplong plugins. Some things in Relofter might cause problems (waveloading), but apart from that they should work fine ...

  relofter V0.2beta
  Loop Player/Recorder
  sloper V0.9
  Stutter-Stretch Delay
  krosipan V1.0
  4 Inputs to 10 Outputs Superpan

Here are the first plugins i made as 'ludothek'... Use at your own risk!

  deloizer V0.95
  BigBuffer Reverse Delay
  flotser V0.2
  Feedback / Aliasing Generator
  envolizer XT8 V0.9
  Multichannel-Router. Audiomulch Only!
  no custom gui

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